Information for your stay

The following information is for using the services provided after arriving at Dunelba

The apartments are handed over on arrival according to the booking formula selected; after the deadline for the type of boking selected, entrance is allowed the following day after 8:00.
On departure, the apartments must be vacated within the deadline for the booking formula selected; otherwise, the supplement indicated on the price list will be charged. Kindly settle your bill beforehand. Bank cheques are not accepted. There may be additional charges for credit card payments.
The cleaning cost (if not paid on arrival) and those for any breakages or damage to furniture and fittings will be withheld from the security deposit paid on arrival.
The cost of air-conditioning, if available, is with a daily supplement. The meter in the apartment will be checked to see if it has been used. The amount for the entire stay will be charged even in the case of minimal use.
Kindly place your bags of household waste in the appropriate containers located in the parking; please, respect the separate collection.
To allow everyone to enjoy their stay, please avoid making noise and keep the volume of radios and televisions turned down, especially from 14:00 to 16:00 and from 23:00 to 08:00. Our FRONT DESK may take any measures required to ensure this during said times. In the event of proven complaints from the neighbourhood during your stay, the FRONT DESK may withhold all or part of the security deposit as compensation for the disturbance caused.
Accessing the roof of the building is forbidden. The obliqueness of the side walls and the outside areas of the apartments may make accessing the roof easier, and thus constitute a hazard, especially for children even if they only intend to play on the roof. The OWNERS cannot be held liable for any accidents caused by the failure to observe this rule and suggests that children be supervised at all times.
The umbrella and sunbed in the apartment cannot be used on the beach.
Our guests are kindly requested to use the parking spaces in the car park on the other side of the road, using the assigned space marked with the number of the apartment, and not park their cars in the condominium garden. Accessing the condominium garden by car is allowed only for unloading and loading.